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Vehicle Service Testimonials in Long Beach, Ca

I came here and got my car fixed and feel they did a clean job and the best thing is the paint matched where I couldn't tell the difference. It took about 8 days to fix which I wish was faster but they did have many cars in front of mine. I would take another car there in the future but hope that I don't ever need too.

-Bob S.
I was originally referred to John by a friend who had his 2 cars repaired by Burke's. I had hit-and-run damage that they promptly and expertly repaired. It was done on time at a fair price. An honest auto repair business! How refreshing!

-Christine F.
This small, family-run operation is one you can trust. Their work is completed on schedule and with excellent results. While they work well with insurance companies, their cash jobs are very reasonable priced. I will highly recommend them to friends and associates.

-Jeff J.
This is BAR NONE the BEST AUTO BODY SHOP EVAAAAAAA! Jon is honest, fair and understands that the insurance companies are out to pay nothing if they can and he will work with you and your wallet.

I met Jon years ago when my mom started taking her car to him for some work. I don't know how she found him but he is AWESOME and fixed my mom's car like new!

So after having some troll break my mirror and scrape the side of my car I of course went to Jon after calling my insurance company! The insurance company of course tried to rip me off like I don't pay them tons a money a year without ever putting in a claim and now all of a sudden I get the third degree. But Jon as ALWAYS worked a miracle on my car and it is back like new and my insurance company ended up having to do their job and pay for it! Neh, neh, neh, neh neh! Picture me sticking out my tongue at the insurance company!

Anyway, he was in a different location but thanks to the Internet and remembering part of the company name I found him not too far away! Jon runs a VERY RESPECTABLE BUSINESS. He is also a wonderful family man and has his sons working in the shop as well! He cares about his family and he WILL CARE ABOUT YOUR CAR and making sure it looks like new!

I've seen him do work on vintage cares as well so if you have one or you're thinking about buying one THIS IS THE PLACE TO TAKE IT! He doesn't take forever to fix your car either but he also doesn't rush and do shotty work! YOU WILL LOVE HIM and tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW! I DO!

Another thing I think is really AWESOME is he locks up all the cars overnight and keeps them BEHIND A LOCKED FENCE which means he will only take what he can secure overnight if your job is going to take a couple days to do! You can be sure your car is in GOOD HANDS with him!

-Ryan P.
You will love this place. John is great and he has fixed up 2 of my cars. I have also sent friends who have been very happy as well. He's honest and a pleasure to do business with.

-Ann B.